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57/60, LUIGI MANUEL Galea Street, Qormi - Handaq, QRM 4000, Malta
+356 21375594
Licence Number Licence Type Class Type Status
MGA/B2B/153/2007 B2B - Critical Supply Licence Service (B2B) - A licence to provide a supply in a business-to-business capacity Licensed

Game Types
Licence Number Game Type Approved Service Providers Approved Vertical Approved
MGA/B2B/153/2007 Type 1 Gaming Services • LIVEG24 Ltd MGA/B2B/153/2007
• Casino
MGA/B2B/153/2007 Type 3 Gaming Services • LIVEG24 Ltd MGA/B2B/153/2007
• Peer-to-Peer Bingo or Games

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