Dynamic Seal Of Authorisation

Power Leisure Bookmakers Limited (Irish Branch)
Flutter Entertainment plc, Belfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, Ireland
Licence Number Licence Type Class Type Status
MGA/B2B/375/2017 B2B - Critical Supply Licence Service (B2B) - A licence to provide a supply in a business-to-business capacity Licensed

Game Types
Licence Number Game Type Approved Service Providers Approved Vertical Approved
MGA/B2B/375/2017 Type 1 Gaming Services • Power Leisure Bookmakers Limited (Irish Branch) MGA/B2B/375/2017
• Relax Gaming Limited MGA/B2B/246/2013
• Casino
MGA/B2B/375/2017 Type 2 Gaming Services • Fixed Odd Betting, including Live Betting
MGA/B2B/375/2017 Type 3 Gaming Services • Peer-to-Peer Bingo or Games

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